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cathy b.

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His ex-wife said he was a small man. I agree with the small part just not so much the man. It was a sad day for our grandson when he no longer had a Church because of a couple of boys. Boys that were not only getting rude with the new people who had moved in across the street from the Church, but people in his own congregation. He knew of one boy who had beat up my grandson and the other boy who had beat on him two different occasions. All while at Church. He always talks about his baseball days. I like baseball too, but after the third strike your out. After the third time I had to bring the issue up to the couple that ran the Wednesday night kid's program. What a mistake! Not realizing how thin skinned these people really were. It only made matters worse. Even though they apologized more than once to my face. They had another opinion behind my back. My grandson never flipped off a church member or disrespected any member for that matter. Yet our family was ousted. I was not only told I was full of crap by this so called "man of God", as he ran into the Church, all in front of my grandson and another church member. But we were pushed right out the door. This man not only has his Deacons do his dirty work. They're not even told what it's about. They're just told to take care of it so he can get the credit for protecting his flock. He doesn't take responsibility for anything including his share in his divorce. He's the biggest narcissist ever. Ten years ago are kids were teens, was not dating adults either!
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