Review For Jubilee Church Of Camarillo

Sophia N.
Former Member

Not good

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This church used to be way better and follow the bible but the honest truth about this church is gossip is encouraged there and the doctrine has changed. Leadership has even joined in the gossip and it's become a cult. Speaking up to a person 1-1 is seen as hateful when in Mathew 18:15-17 is the biblical principal but the pastors don't care about doctrine like that because they have become a cult. So many twisted scriptures, it seems like that's all you get there. Pastors outcast anyone who doesn't agree with them. They mention how important it is to have an experience with God but it's all fluff because they don't have an experience with God in the day to day "small" stuff like "God is this rumor I'm spreading true? God tell me what is true or not!" Ps you have a choice to go there, this is just a warning to keep your eyes open and to read the bible for yourself. I suggest looking into their doctrine for yourself and matching it with the bible yourself. Test if what I'm saying is true. Test it with the bible. All I'm going to say is I'm very disappointed with Jubilee and I expected church to be a safe place and pastors to practice what they preach and actually be pastors that care about lead sheep to Christian not their own opinions, feeding sheep with biblical doctrine not fluff, and to protect sheep as a pastor and fyi gossip is something NO believer is supposed to do and a pastor is held to a higher standard as the leader of the church. You have a choice to heed my warning or not.
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