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And the official title of worst church I have ever visited goes to..... Cornerstone! I thought I had gone to this church about 4 years ago and from what I recalled they fired a shotgun inside twice, obviously with no shot but still the loud bang! Should have known this would have been just as terrible. There are plenty of churches and people that take fear and use it as a vehicle to gain support. This one made me sick though. There were plenty of both old and young attending with deafening acoustics. They started out so positive, encouraging new members to take gifts, meet and greet in the aisles and asking to help with the church events. The downside is when they started talking about tythings being equal to faithfulness. When I went to the service there were road blocks and they made a point to tell the people there that they were more devoted for making and not being detered, as if that meant you didn't have the same faith or love. When the main preacher began his sermon I found it hard not to scream up in my seat. I'm a very passive person mostly. He drew this picture that it was the church vs the world, not the christian faith or his denomination.... the church. Furthermore that is not what Jesus taught. He was telling a story about how he was saved in high school and he would stand up after class and shout the bibles verses. I kept thinking that sounds like a bully. He related that to when he works with people. He was saying that usually people meet him with aversion to the Bible and then he pushes and pushes and eventually they listen. Yep that's a bully. As he continued his service he was shouting demanding to know why no one that Jesus healed helped Jesus out while he was on the cross saying that he would have helped and would have given his life...Blah blah blah. Again I found myself asking what good would that do? Kill everyone that could give a first hand account. That and if he was the son of God shouldn't this be part of his plan? Then he started crying thinking about how God turned away from Jesus as he died. In short this preacher literally turned my face red. A short Mexican rallying people together around fear and faith. He obviously has been a bully his whole life. The crying made him look pathetic! I would literally recommend going to anything else. It would be a better use of time.
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