Review For Northwest Church

Noula K.
First-time Visitor

Interesting Church

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I visited 3 years ago when I used to live in Fresno. This church was around the corner from my house. I kept driving by randomly running errands in stuff. So on a Sunday I went to their church to check it out. I was welcomed and given a mug that had the churches name on it. They said it was for First-time Visitors. The Sunday service went well and everyone was close they knew one another. I heard about their youth college group and attended one afternoon. The college kids were nice and all but I wasn't really feeling the vibe. Although I kept going and hanged out with the college kids at Dennys afterwards. It took a while for myself to open up and talk rather than being the shy one. It's up to you personally if you want to go. I didn't really click with others there but the experience taught me something I didn't know before about belief.
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