Review For Peoples Church

Noula K.
First-time Visitor

A Lot Of Memories

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I went to this church 3 years ago and all I remember was having fun. As a First-time Visitor, I remember attending one of their services after 8. I was welcomed and the inside of the church blew me away! It was massive and when the worship music played it was new to me. The lyrics were refreshing and seeing everyone into the songs motivated my spirit to come back. I heard about their Bible studies and I attended one night. The Bible study was in the main church with other adults. The paper I remember holding was questions about the gospel (which ever it was on). What surprised me was the sermon with allowing us to look at the details of the scripture, rather than just answering the questions on what the people in the Bible did. I went to those more a couple times then checked out the college group. When it came to hanging out lets just say I had nothing to say. Which in a way was good cause I got to observe. The music is what kept drawing me there over and over. But I faced that same issue with bonding in fellowship. So, it was hard to stop going but this church answered questions that I had in their Bible study from a different perspective.
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