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Angela H.
Former Member

Dysfunction Junction

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If you are looking for a church that is focused on Jesus and is eager to share God's love with others, this is NOT the church you are looking for. This church has released three pastors within three years without good reason. The church board convinced the first pastor that he needed to retire, even though the church had been thriving under his leadership.(For instance, this church used to have two Sunday services that were packed; now they have one service and it isn't even half full). The second pastor moved all the way to Arkansas because the board encouraged him to apply for the senior pastor position, but they had no intention of hiring him. The third pastor was let go without cause and an all church email was sent out that made it appear that he had done something wrong. However, the church doesn't mistreat all of its pastors. (The church is top heavy with pastors) One pastor is heralded yet he is a porn addict. He is related to several of the board members. There is a lot of politics in this church; you are either in or out; and they do not value pastors who are truly called to ministry. I attended this church for four years and I can count on one hand how many people in this church had a conversation with me. Many members have left since those three pastors were so poorly mistreated. They now have a new pastor - all the way from the midwest. I have lived long enough to know that when you mistreat people, it always comes back to you. If you are looking for a church home, keep looking.
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