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1/5 If I could give them zero I would, MAKE NO MISTAKE THIS IS A CULT!!!! Stay away, they prey on single military people, people that have been damaged and continue to abuse them, and hide behind the gospel. You are not allowed to question anything, or you are labled rebellious. You have to be at every service, give all of your money, even if you can't pay your bills and your kids are starving or you are about to lose your car or house. Meanwhile the pastor and his family are living large, all of his bills are paid by the church and he gets a salary on top of it. He uses the church people to do all the work for free for him wether at the church or at his house. He takes pledges for pastors being launched out and the pastors never see a penny. Ron Meyer and his family are the biggest crooks going. That's why you are never allowed to question anything. It's a life of constant control, you don't make a move without talking to your bible study leader, then they go to the pastor, then he tells them what to do and they come back and tell you what to do. You are not allowed to fellowship with any christians outside of your church, you are encouraged to cut off your friends that don't go to the church and family members. You are constantly doing something for the church. Ron constantly reminds you of how much he and his family have sacrificed and that we wouldn't even be saved if it wasn't for him and his family. It's not even about Jesus, it's about him, he is narcissistic and does not care who he abuses. He yells at his church all the time, gossips about members, puts out information that has been told to him in counseling, and the higher you go in the ranks of the church the more you see. There is so much adultery within the church, including the pastor's family, but he will cover it up, unless he doesn't like you, he will tell the whole church and humiliate you. You are discouraged from looking at anything that is being said against Victory Chapel and all of it's affiliated churches, once you leave the church, you are cut off by everyone because you are automatically considered a backslider and they tell you that you will be poisoned if you listen to what they say because they are rebellious and that is why they left. You are constantly told you cannot leave the church, because you will be out of the will of God and will go to hell. I went there with my family for almost 20 years, gave everything we had, money, time and life, saw all the abuse and violations but was too afraid to leave because you were told you would go to hell and we loved Jesus and didn't want to go to hell. Until enough was enough, my children were eating barely anything, couldn't buy them anything including Christmas gifts while Ron's family was eating steaks and buying ipads for them with the churchs money. They are all hypocrites, live immoral, go to the movies, watch tv, gamble, cheat and lie, while telling the congregation they are going to hell for the very things they are doing. Do not deceive yourself, the whole fellowship is the same, starting with Wayman Mitchell all the way down. We finally got our family out of there thank God before they completely destroyed us. The pastor lied about us and said we backslid and were rebellious, everyone cut us off, my children and I had no friends after we left, because they were not allowed to talk to my children because the parents were told we were backslidden. It's horrible what the whole fellowship does to people, look it up on the internet, thousands of people with the same stories, really we are liars as they claim? There are good bible preaching churches out there, but make no mistake, this is NOT one of them!!!!! I love Jesus now more than ever, because he covered and protected our family while in this cult and we finally listened to His voice and not their indoctrination and got out from underneath all of the abuse. Our family is now doing better then ever. Please heed my warning, don't go to this church!!!!!
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