Review For Southminster Presbyterian Church

Rachel S.
New Attender

A little too touchy feely

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Female Senior Pastor. It is a little challenging form their website to confirm which Sunday mornings there is or is not worship. They have one weekend a month where they have worship on Saturday night with no worship that following Sunday morning. We went to attend Sunday worship and found the doors closed as we had not realized this was not their Sunday morning weekend. We have attended on a few different occasions (my husband and myself). The style is casual. They are very tolerant of alternative life styles, pushing that message to the point where you almost feel uncomfortable to be heterosexual. You are absolutely welcome, but it feels a little as if that welcome is as a supporter of those who are not, rather then that you are welcome yourself. The message was a little too pointedly political for us, one of the ones we attended recently after the presidential election.
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