Review For Christ The King Lutheran Church

Renee H.


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The chairman of the board of directors, Jim Preston, and his wife, Collen are decietful, manipulative, child predators/abusers. They, with their mentally ill, and also very violent and abusive son, Brad, kidnapped their own grandchildren in 2008 from a loving, very devoted, full-tiome homeschooling, christian mother. They have been, very intentionally, practicing maternal love deprivation on them continually since that time. They use trauma-based training techniques to ensure very strict obedience in the children (and absolute silence regarding abuse) in order to create a public image of excellence, which protects them from justice, and helps facilitate easier access to the children of the poor and vulnerable in their community. These children are all trafficked, for profit and ego gratification through the fully complicit, corrupt, for-profit family court system, including the "CASA" agency and the Child Protective Services. Magistrate Robert Caldwell allowed them to retain custody when I attempted to rescue my children by petitioning the court. This "Church" is nothing more than a cover for their detestable and terribly injurious activities. When I contacted Mike, the executive director, with my notice of this fact and request for assistance, he was not willing to investigate or make any effort to assist. He did not even ask for details. If you love your children, stay away from these people. They need to be stopped. I would not even feel safe living in or near the city of Coeur d'Alene.
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