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frank c.
Former Member

disgraced by Mr. Puckett

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Aunt Helen was worried about me and called me from church to have Mr Puckett to pray for me. He stated if I was looking for a pity party and I hung up on him. What a person. He wonders why people wait to get to church at 10:30- 10:45. He is so boring and so uncaring. I thought more of him than that. Bro. Jeff, who met you when you moved in from W. Va. and put you up in a home and got you started. What a shame that the Baptist church steps out and decides to be other than their 4 and no more. I was raised with most of those people and yet heard not a word from no one when my home was destroyed and went through the last health issue I went through. Yet I called some of you. What a shame when I was reached out by the UMC folks. Mr. Puckett, you're a disgrace, sir. Good night.
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