Meet The Pastor

Pastor Lonnie Wilkerson
When Jesus was asked in Matthew 22 what was most important, he did not list the expected criteria of success; attendance numbers, budgets or salvations. He reminded his questioner that God was to be foremost in all of life and that we are to love God and because of this love, we are able to love our neighbors as ourselves. It is my desire to live out the journey of my life in the pursuit of loving the least, the last and lost because he first loved me. As I undertake this journey, my response to this question is: 1) To serve God and the local ministry with integrity of heart so that people will be drawn to know Jesus. 2) To encourage people to pursue God with all their heart, mind and soul so that they honor Him in all aspects of their life. 3) To empower people to serve God and others in the area of their heart passion so that there is a recognition that all work is pleasing and God honoring. 4) To cross borders and boundaries united with others on this same journey so that the power of the Gospel will seen and felt in the unity of our community. Pastor Lonnie Wilkerson