Review For Kennett Square Missionary Baptist Church

Alex L.

A loving Church that remains true to the Gospel of Christ

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I used to go to this Church with my mother and siblings when I was a child in the 80's and 90's, and back then it wasn't very difficult to find a Church that was faithful to the Word of God. Unfortunately, that isn't the case anymore. After visiting a few Churches in the area and not feeling any real connection, my wife and I decided to visit Kennett Square Missionary Baptist Church, and to my amazement the same Pastor from my childhood is still preaching there! Pastor Bobby has been the pastor there for 50 years, and in all that time his preaching has been faithful to the Word of God. An amazing accomplishment in today's day and age. My wife and children and I kept going back week after week and two years ago we officially became members. It's a lovely Church with a mixture of young people and old, and a nice Youth Ministries program. To learn more, please visit the Church's website:
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