Review For Hopewell Christian Fellowship

Stephanie K.

A Caring Family Grounded in Biblical Truths and God's Love

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Hopewell Christian Fellowship in Telford was welcoming from the moment I stepped in the door. I was very broken in the heart and needed a church that could minister to me where I was at, and challenge me in my walk with Jesus. This church did that, and continues to offer ways to grow. It may be in small group, counseling, Sunday messages, weekly services, etc. They also have a heart for youth, with many opportunities for children, youth, young adults, and young families. When you enter, you can't help but feel a genuine caring and compassionate environment, built on God's love. I encourage you to take a step and join us, I think you will be glad you did. My church family is just that, family and we do our best to be there to support one another.
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