Review For Hopewell Christian Fellowship

Stephen W.

Looking for a church that will teach the entire Bible? Visit Hopewell Christian Fellowship.

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From the moment I met Pastor Curt I felt something different about this church. Answers to my questions were from the Bible and not opinions. Started visiting the church and attended the mens's group. Everyone was so friendly and made me feel very welcome. When I had questions about my faith and needed help finding my way back to God, all I had to do was ask and the answers were given to me from the Bible. The Pastors and staff are always there to talk to and help in any way they can. Sunday church messages are so easy to follow and reverent to everyday life. There are many ways to connect with other attenders/members. Join a small group, attend a weekly event and many special services. Did not take long to feel accepted and part of the family. Come out and visit!
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