Review For Rock Springs Baptist Church

Luke M.

Very Friendly, Personal Worship

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Hello All, This church was perfect for my family. We enjoyed the warm, friendly welcome from not only the pastor, but the entire church. This church is a small congregation but their unity is exponential. I personally like a church that I do not feel lost in the crowd, and I can build a true connection with other Christians. This church also has traditional practices which is personally what I am looking for. Nothing about the worship service is for show as there is no flashing lights or concert-style bands. The simplistic, truthful worship is refreshing and every Sunday I am thankful I have went. This church is not only focused on discipleship of their members, but is also heavily involved in mission work around the world! For anyone seeking a church with genuine people, connections, and beliefs I strongly recommend this church. This church has youth, elderly, families, and singles. No one feels out of place! I hope that someone else can benefit from this church as much as I have.
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