Review For Ethiopian Grace Evangelical Church

Helen T.

My name is Helen Tadesse

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Hi pastor you used to be evangelist in Ethiopia cherch where I used to go. You use to teach us every Saturday for3 and half years that was my best time and I grew in sprichal then. And I am sorry for your son death. He is in heaven now. God gave me revelation 12 long time ago for my ministry. I have been serving God by praying for the souls and to rise up Gods wittiness unti now. I been praying for you too anyway, I have mental illness, every day I stragle, even I have the grace of God. But it’s hard. The davil is fighting me and my holl family, because I pray for the holl world. I want you to pray for me it is very important. Jesus is coming soon. The Gospel has to be preach. And it can’t be with out prayer and bliving God.i didn’t tell you what God tald me long time ago who I am clearly, because it’s going to be maybe for you hard to blive, but like I said generally, God gave me revolution 12 the women and I am from Tigray Ethiopia . Your sister in Christ helen
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