Review For Grace United Methodist Church

Dawn B.

I finally found my church!

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I didn't grow up in church. My parents taught me right from wrong, but I didn't know all the stories of the bible. I was scared and embarassed to attend most churches. What would they think of me when I didn't know the basics? What would they think when they saw that I didn't know the words to the hymns? What if they asked me something and I didn't know the answer? It took me a LONG time to get over this and start attending church. I visited many churches (and many denominations). Then I found Grace. I can honestly say that Grace is about living, learning, and loving God's word. No facy bells or whistles. No fashion show or judgement about what you wear, who you know, or how much money you make. It isn't a popularity contest. There is no judgement. It doesn't matter if you grew up in church or are attending for the first time. You will never be put on the spot or embarassed. It is just a group of great people coming together every Sunday at 9:30 am to LEARN about Jesus. I have finally found a church where I am comfortable. I feel welcome. I look forward to going every week, and I am happy to be raising my kids at Grace.
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