Review For Grace Oasis (aka) The ONE Church In Christ Jesus

Donna T.

Gospel mean Good News

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I've been with the One Church since it's beginning in Dallas. I was thrilled when I heard messages delivered by Pastor Curtiss because for the first time in my life growing up in church I heard the gospel preached as the "good news". Jesus loves and died for WHOSOEVER and this is what is preached. When a church has a pastor who askes the Lord what He would have delivered in a message to His people you are going to get some powerful, wonderful messages. Bible studies are an in depth study of the word with the truths of God so powerful and such a blessing that you know this is His word. Questions I've had since a child were finally answered and made sense. When the Holy Spirit is all over you when we hear the truth confirming the truth it is absolutely amazing. This is the only church I've attended that has been so powerful and liberating; no messages on who God hates or what group or groups we are supposed to judge. I praise the God of glory for those who allow HIM to speak through them. Cannot get any better..
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