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Betty W.
New Attender

God's word is spoken

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It felt like "home" the first time I attended. I had been praying that God would lead me to a church that spoke the Word of God, and I found it at Parkway! Every Sunday God's word is being preached, and the one thing I really love is that, no matter what scripture and topic is hear the truth of God's word. Tim leads our music each week, and does a wonderful job! I love how music can "speak to our hearts" and bless us in ways we hadn't expected! We also have a Theological Equipping class each Sunday before church. At first I thought the class would be "way over my head", more for those who wanted to teach, or preach...but I was wrong. I have learned so much from attending the class. It's been a wonderful experience, learning things about the Bible I never knew, and coming away feeling "I can now explain" some of the thing's about the Bible that I couldn't before. It's a relaxed atmosphere and we always have time for "questions and answers", so you never leave feeling like you didn't understand what was being taught. Being a widow now, I also prayed that God would help me meet others my own age...well God answered my prayers. I met the most wonderful women there, and now have a great relationship with about 15 ladies. We have all ages of people that attend, and every Sunday it sees like I am meeting "someone new" who is attending for the first time...and that is wonderful! When God's word is being taught, and people are being blessed...God will bring new people in, and that is happening at Parkway! I will be a "member" soon, and feel so blessed that God lead me to this church!
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