Which Church Finder Membership Type should I select?

Joining Church Finder is FREE, and we offer three membership (registration) options for individuals:

  • Church Profile Manager - Pastors, church staff, webmasters and anyone who wants to add or update their church information.  As a Church Profile Manager, you will update your church's information to create a complete Church Profile.  You can also choose a Church Marketing Plan and partner with us to reach people in your city.
  • Church Seeker - if you are looking for a church, we provide FREE tools and resources to help you find the church that's right for you.
  • Church Review Writer - if your church is already on Church Finder, select this option if you would like to write a Church Review.  This option is primarily for members of a church who want to share their church with others.  After you have written your review, you can "virtually invite" people to your church by sharing your review on Facebook and other social media.
If you already registered but are not sure which Registration Type you have, you can see on your Personal Profile

If you are already registered but need to change your Registration Type (like if you joined as a Church Seeker but actually wanted to add your church), please contact us