How does ChurchFinder help my church rank higher in search engines?

When people today search for a church, they are not using the yellow pages anymore - they go on-line. And Google is still the #1 search engine in the world. ChurchFinder can help your church rank higher in search engines like Google so people can find your church.

When you partner with Church Finder, we help your church rank higher in search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing in several ways:

  • Your Church Website  because is a high-traffic, authoritative website, the link from your Church Profile to your church website provides "search engine equity" to increase your page rank in search engines. Church listings without a membership do not receive this benefit.
  • Your Church Profile  is optimized to rank well in search engines. Some churches are using Church Profiles instead of a church website, while others are finding that their Church Profile ranks higher in search engines than their church website. Bottom line - your Church Profile doubles your exposure on search engines!
  • Your Social Media Pages with additional links to your Facebook and other social media pages from your Church Profile, those pages will also have additional search engine equity to rank higher.
  •  our paid Church Growth Plans put your church at the top of our City Directories on You could spend thousands of dollars and many months to try to get your church to the top of a Google search term like "Churches in (your city)" - but already ranks high for many U.S. cities, and for only a few dollars a month you can be at the top of both sites in your city! Plus we are doing something that general search engines are not - helping people on their journey of finding a church. The people on are serious about finding a church, and that translates into better qualified visitors to your church on Sunday morning. is connecting millions of people with local churches - people that are serious about finding a church. These people that are actively seeking a church in your city, and reaching them means better qualified visitors to your church on Sunday morning. Upgrade your church's on-line presence - upgrade your Church Profile today!