What is a Church Profile Manager?

Church Profile Managers are pastors, church staff, and others authorized to update their church information on-line. 

As a Church Profile Manager, you can:

  • Claim or Add your Church Listing  - if your church is already in our database, you can "claim" your listing directly from the Church Profile page. Or if you can't find your church on Church Finder, you can add it.
  • Complete Your Church Profile - Church Finder helps millions of people find Christian churches.  Introduce these seekers to your church and provide a good first impression.
  • Reach More People with ChurchFinder Pro - get  ChurchFinder Pro and reach more people in your city!

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If you are not a pastor or church staff, Church Finder also offers features to help you:

  • Looking for a Church? - we provide FREE tools and resources to help you find the church that's right for you.
  • Tell Your Pastor - don't see your church featured? Please let your pastor know about Church Finder
  • Share Your Church - let people know about your and help them feel welcome to visit by writing a Church Review.  After you have written your review, you can "virtually invite" people to your church by sharing your review on Facebook and other social media.