I updated my Church Profile, but I do not see the changes yet - why?

When you create or edit your Church Profile, most of the information is immediately available on-line for the world to see. However, because of the high volume of traffic we receive we do use "caching" on Church Finder just as many large websites do.

Here are a few examples of when our caching (or the caching of other large websites) might affect how quickly your Church Profile changes show up:

  • City Church Finder pages - while your Church Profile info is instantly updated, it can take up to 12 hours for your information to be updated on the City Church Finder pages.
  • Google Maps - your map pin is based on the Meeting Location Address you entered.  However, if you change your Meeting Location Address on your Church Profile, it may take up to 24 hours for that change to be reflected since Google maps are cached.
  • Social Sharing - Facebook, etc - when you click the button to share your Church Profile on Facebook or other social media, the Facebook post includes some info from the Church Profile.  However, if you just updated your Church Profile, the post might still show the old church description.  This is because Facebook caches every page and only updates once every 24 hours.

For the Facebook Social Post, if you just updated your Church Profile, Facebook provides a quick way to to update the cache for a single page immediately.  That tool is the Facebook URL Linter Just put in the URL of your Church Profile, and Facebook will update the cache immediately for you.

For the other caching you might experience, you just have to wait just a little or refresh your browser page. 

We know...caching is a pain...but it is necessary in order to provide a fast-loading website for millions of people looking for a church!