Find My Church

Find My Church is designed to guide people looking for a new church ("Seekers") on their journey of finding a new church.

Some of the features and benefits for Seekers include:

Create your own Shortlist of churches you may want to visit

Keep notes in your Journal as you visit churches and decide which one is right for you

Write reviews of churches you’ve visited

Get access to articles and resources to guide you on your journey of finding a church you’ll love

Our mission is to connect people with local churches. If you are not yet a member of Church Finder, you can JOIN for FREE as either a...

Church Seeker - get free, instant access to the features above - join for FREE

Church Staff - pastors, church staff member, and people authorized to update church information on behalf of a church can join for FREE as a “Church Staff” Member

If you are registered as Church Staff but want to experience the site the way a Seeker sees it, see the "Help Finding a Church" section on your Dashboard.