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You can be a "virtual greeter" - welcoming people to your church.  Many people will visit a church from a personal invitation from someone they can identify with. Your church review will make people in your city feel welcome and invited to visit your church.

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With over 280,000 Christian churches, is the largest online Christian church directory in the United States.  But if you are looking for a new church, you only care about finding ONE - the one church that's right for you!

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Grow your church in 10 minutes! People in your area are looking for a church - and 96% search on-line first. is the largest directory of Christian churches in the U.S. and has the most website traffic.
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Just as there are no perfect people in the world, there are no perfect churches. The reason is that churches are made up of people. Sometimes we think of churches as a building, like when we say, “Let’s go to church,” but according to the Bible a church is not a building, but rather a fellowship of people who are endeavoring to follow Christ - people who...

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