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SermonCast on-line video for churches


What if there was an easy way for your church to broadcast God’s Word worldwide, publishing video to your church website, social networks, tablets and smartphones? 

Church Facebook Page

It is imperative to have your church listed on the proper websites to gain as much visibility as possible. One of the best ways to add to your church’s visibility online is to have a church Facebook page. Outlined in this article are simple steps to getting a church Facebook page.

Claim and Optimize Bing Places Listing is one of the top search engines. The company has created a Local Business Directory listing service similar to Google Local Business pages that you can claim and optimize for your church.

How To Twitter for Churches

Twitter is a way to communicate with your congregation and community through short messages.

Social Media for Churches

The most popular Social Media platforms for most churches are typically Facebook and Twitter.

Depending on the goals of your church and who you are attempting to reach, this list can expand to include other social sharing sites like Pinterest, LinkedIn, Instagram and many more.