Church Review Guidelines

Guidelines for Submitting Church Reviews

Church Finder encourages users to contribute reviews of churches they attend or have visited.  The goal is to provide those looking for a church a true sense of what the church is like.  We have a specific set of guidelines for you to follow in writing your review and reserve the right to delete the review if it fails to meet these requirements. The goal of the review should be informative, honest and concise.

The review will be removed and the user may be blocked from future participation on the site if you fail to adhere to the following Guidelines:

  • Inappropriate content: No use of colorful language, threats, harassment, lewdness, hate speech, and other displays of bigotry will be allowed in the reviews. 
  • Personal Defamation: This includes statements using names of church staff or members in any defamatory or libel manner. Negative reviews are allowed but please refrain from personal attacks.  References to individual persons or indirect references such as "the pastor" may be edited or deleted.
  • Promotional content: No outside business or promotional content is allowed on church reviews. This includes links to websites, social media accounts, etc.
  • Relevance: Please make sure your review is about the church and not a question for the church or a request for help or a question for the church.  Churches may or may not be monitoring their reviews, and do not have your information to respond to any questions.
  • Privacy: No personal contact information is allowed in the reviews. 

Church Finder reserves the right to determine whether a particular review meets or violates these Guidelines, and reserves the right to edit or delete any user submitted content at our sole discretion.  By publishing a review on, you agree with both these Guidelines, and agree to the site Terms and Conditions.

Thank you for your adherence to the above Guidelines, and for helping keep Church Finder safe and friendly for everyone looking for a church!

Reporting Incorrect Church Information

If you are the pastor or on staff at the church, please claim the Church Profile to update the information. Look for the "Claim this Church Profile" button on the Church Profile. If you are a member of the church and find incorrect information on a Church Profile, please send us the information so we can contact the pastor or church about correcting it.

Reporting a Church Review

To report a Church Review that you feel violates one or more of these Guidelines, please contact us to have the review evaluated.

How to Submit a Church Review

See How to Submit your Church Review which includes some tips for writing your first Church Review.