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Meeting Location
Join us this weekend!
425 20th Street
Batesville, AR 72501
United States
Service Times
Sunday School - 10:00a.m. Worship11:00a.m. Evening Worship 5:00p.m. Wednesday night Bible Study Adult Classes and Youth Classes 5:30p.m.
(870) 569-4843
Keith Boswell

Our Mission

To seek and to save those who are lost.

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About Twentieth Street Missionary Baptist Church

We at 20th St. Baptist welcome you and your family to join us in Sunday School, Worship,and Bible Study. We have an Nursery available if needed.
Denomination / Affiliation: Baptist (Missionary)
Dress Style: casual
Average Age of Attendees: all-ages
Community Projects: 0-12


Church Ministries
Sunday School
Groups and Public Services
Weddings and Receptions
As the church grows more ministries will become available. We also offer Vacation Bible SchoolSchool, and Church camp.


The Church was founded by Christ. Gods word is infallible. Salvation is through Gods grace not by works. Baptism is an church ordinance that symbolizes the death, burial and ressurection of Jesus Christ. Baptism is given for church membership to those who have been newly saved. The Lords Supper is for church members only. The Triune God being God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. Christ shed his blood for the atonement of mans sin. Both Heaven and Hell are real. Christ Jesus is coming back to this earth. The Eternal Salvation of the believer. The biblical account of creation. Marriage is to be as God designed it between a man and a woman not two people of the same sex. The simplicity of salvation.
Baptism: Older Children/adults
Eternal Security: No, Can't Lose
Healing and Charismatic Gifts: Ceased


Twentieth Street Missionary Baptist Church is a Baptist Church located in Zip Code 72501.

Church Profile Manager: Keith Boswell