Meet The Pastor

Pastor Seth Kleeberger
Welcome. We're Glad You're Here! We are a new church plant with one purpose: Bring glory to God. And our story is still being written, as He continues to change lives by His Spirit through our ministries and people. Choosing a church home can be a tough decision and one that we would like to make as easy as possible. We believe it is important to know what a church is all about and how they are seeking to fulfill their mission. On our website, you will find the answers to those questions and many more. As the pastor, I would love to meet you and connect with you personally. If you are interested in the church, have additional questions, or would like to meet to hear more about what we’re doing, please watch the video below or feel free to email us at Thanks for visiting, and we look forward to connecting with you! For His Glory, Seth Kleeberger