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129 Walnut Street
Windsor, CO 80550
United States
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Sunday Mornings - 10:00 am AMPED (Youth Group) - Sunday 6:00 pm
(970) 460-4164
Lead Pastor Shad Wickstrom

Our Mission

OUR PICTURE OF THE FUTURE (vision) We dream of becoming a multigenerational community reaching young families and training them to become intentional influencers in their social environments. OUR MARCHING ORDERS (mission) We will intentionally and passionately pursue people who are spiritually disconnected and bring as many as possible to faith and maturity in Jesus Christ. THE PEOPLE WE DESIRE TO REACH (target) We desire to make a global impact following the strategy that unfolds in the book of Acts, reaching our Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria and utter most parts of the world. We will begin our mission in Windsor, Colorado reaching young families who are spiritually disconnected.

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About Church on the Ancient Path

It is simply the continuation of what began almost 2000 years ago when Jesus ascended to heaven and left the Holy Spirit to continue the work of the Father. It is a passionate commitment to join God in His work of building His church until Jesus returns. We are committed to fulfilling the following vision as we carry out our marching orders
Denomination / Affiliation: Baptist General Conference
Dress Style: casual
Average Age of Attendees: all-ages


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tatement of Faith 1. ABOUT GOD God is the Creator and Ruler of the universe. He has forever existed in three persons: the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. These three are equal in every respect and perform distinct functions in relation to mankind. Genesis 1:1, 26, 27; Psalm 90:2; Matthew 28:19; I Peter 1:2; II Corinthians 13:14 2. ABOUT MANKIND We are all made in the spiritual image of God, to be like Him in character. We are the most treasured possession of God’s creation. Although mankind has tremendous potential for good, we are tainted by an attitude of disobedience toward God called “sin.” This attitude separates us from God. Genesis 1:27; Psalm 8:3-6; Isaiah 53:6a; Romans 3:23; Isaiah 59:1, 2 3. ABOUT ETERNITY We were all created to exist forever. We will either exist eternally separated from God by our sin or together with God through forgiveness and salvation. The place of eternal separation from God is called Hell. Heaven is the place of eternal life together with God. John 3:16; Romans 6:23; Revelation 20:15 (Hell); Matthew 25:41; Revelation 21:27 (Heaven) 4. ABOUT JESUS CHRIST Jesus Christ is the Son of God. He is equal with the Father. Jesus lived a sinless human life. He offered Himself as the perfect sacrifice for the sins of all humanity by dying on the cross. He arose from the dead after three days to demonstrate His power over sin and death. He ascended to Heaven and will return again to earth to reign over everything and everyone. Matthew 1:22, 23; Isaiah 9:6; John 1:1-5; John 14:10-30; Hebrews 4:14, 15; I Corinthians 15:3,4; Romans 1:3,4; Acts 1:9-11; I Timothy 6:14, 15 5. ABOUT SALVATION Salvation is a gift from God to mankind. We can never make up for our sin by self-improvement, by our own efforts or by good works. Only by trusting in Jesus Christ as God’s offer of forgiveness can we be saved from sin’s penalty. Salvation from eternity in hell apart from God begins the moment we receive Jesus Christ into our life by faith. Romans 6:23; Ephesians 2:8, 9; John 14:6; John 1:12; Titus 3:5; Galatians 3:26; Romans 5:1 6. ABOUT ETERNAL SECURITY Because God gives us eternal life through Jesus Christ, the believer is secure in the salvation for eternity. Salvation is maintained by the grace and power of God, not by the self-effort of the individual. It is the grace and keeping power of God that gives us this security. John 10:29; II Timothy1:12; Hebrews 7:25, 10:10, 14; I Peter 1:3-5 7. ABOUT THE HOLY SPIRIT The Holy Spirit is equal with the Father and the Son as God. He is present in the world to make mankind aware of our need for Jesus Christ. He lives in every Christ-Follower from the moment of salvation. He provides Christ-Followers with power for living, understanding of spiritual truth and guidance in doing what is right. Christ-Followers seek to live under His control on a daily basis. II Corinthians 3:17; John 16:7-13; John 14:16, 17; Acts 1:8; I Corinthians 2:12; I Corinthians 3:16; Ephesians 1:13; Galatians 5:25 8. ABOUT THE BIBLE The Bible is God’s word to all mankind. It was written by human hand under the direct, supernatural, guidance of the Holy Spirit. It is the supreme source of truth for Christ-Follower’s beliefs and for living. It is without error in the original manuscripts. II Timothy 3:16; II Peter 1:20, 21; II Timothy 1:13; Psalm 119:105, 160, 12:6; Proverbs 30:5
Baptism: Older Children/adults
Eternal Security: No, Can't Lose
We agree with these Doctrinal Statements: Apostles Creed Nicene Creed


Church on the Ancient Path is a Baptist Church located in Zip Code 80550.

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