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Pastor Larry Gregory
Founder and Senior Pastor Larry Gregory
A former drug addict and dealer, Larry experienced a personal relationship with Jesus at college that lead him to a new life and new purpose. Pastor Larry became a pastor in 1989 starting his first church in a city called San Pedro California (Right outside Los Angeles). His ministry had a heavy focus on reaching gang members and over the years, it saw many young people step out of a life of crime and into a life of hope. In 1993, Pastor Larry and his family moved to the island of Guam to Pastor at an existing church, and in 1996 they found themselves planting a church in the city of Lautoka in the Fiji Islands. Over nearly a decade in Fiji, 3 churches were planted and local leaders and pastors were raised up to take over the churches. In 2004, Pastor Larry and his family moved to Lehigh Acres and in the summer of 2005, Victory Christian Center was born. Pastor Larry is the lead Pastor of Victory and the Victory Christian Center Network of Churches organization.
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