Meet The Pastor

Senior Pastor Bobby Elzie
Born December 13 , 1970 to a teenage mother and father . Pastor Bobby life was attacked by the enemy immediately the first three years of his young life he fought pneumonia. Told by doctors another episode will kill him . The holy spirit spoke to his grandmother to take young Bobby to warmer climate. Bobby mother and grandmother and moms new husband moved to Florida. Now Bobby's mother family being Jehovahs witnesses attempted to raise him in their beliefs . But young Bobby never felt comfortable in that setting. When he was 7 years of age Bobby traveled to His fathers house to meet a woman who would help change his life for ever. His step mother and young Bobby had a Bond closer than Bobby had with his biological mother. She took him to Church were he felt very comfortable and eager to learn more of Christ. At age 11 young Bobby accepted Jesus in his life.A week later Bobby met with the Pastor of Green Acres Baptist Church in Warner Robins ,Ga. and they discussed being baptized . The following Sunday he was Baptized. Young Bobby had many disappointment at 15 his father passed. and moved back to florida with his grandmother. she finished to raise him while his biological mother was on drugs God still was there for him putting a godly family in his life . ( THE Littles) Willie and Annie. Bobby and there son Mike were and are to tot his day best friends. he spent a lot of time at there house growing up. in the inner city if Orlando. while Bobbys grandmother was working he stayed at there house to stay out of trouble. When he got older the enemy attacked him on every front going thru his 2nd divorce he encountered a childhood friend .Evangelist Tressa Jones who saw gods plan For Bobby and got him Back on track to do Gods work and walk in his calling. God bought another friend from his past in his life to introduce him to the man who god would use to ordain pastor Bobby ,Sharon Brown introduce Pastor Bobby To archbishop Derrick L. young of abundant life fellowship ministries who god use to ordain Pastor Bobby and minister to him and help him to walk in his calling. On June 30 2013 Bobby Elzie Was ordained to Pastor Bobby Elzie after a life long journey . when he tells his story he comes to tears. amen