Review For Faith Christian Fellowship Church

Rachel D.


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I am deeply concerned with someone who is claiming to be a minister there this person's name is Sandra Marie g e m m a t t o she is posting pictures on her Facebook of my daughter my daughter is deeply distressed and has depression my daughter has asked her to take them down she has caused much Strife in our family lately I understand this daughter is my adopted daughter however she has relinquished All rights to this child she is doing this out of spite and I'm sorry that is no action of a minister one I'm wondering if she really in the minister to is she is you really need to revamp if she is because her actions are not. She has illegally uploaded the pictures on my Facebook to her Facebook we have asked her to take them down I am seeking legal action my daughter has behavior issues and has massive issues she does not like the public viewing her Facebook page and seeing my daughter with her gymnastic attire on them I am just deeply concerned is she is any kind of staff in your church if you would like to reach out to me personally feel free 317-908-8549 you can also talk to my daughter who has asked her to take them down I hope someone can get through to her to let go she wants us to leave her alone and we want her to leave us alone which entails not posting pictures of people on her Facebook. I've asked her to take them down
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