Meet The Pastor

Rev. Dana D Jones Sr
Senior Pastor Dana D Jones Sr
Who am I? I am a man who loves the Lord and am blessed by Him. I have been anointed with His Presence since I was an infant, and God used my paternal grandmother to bring me back to life after I had died of crib-death. Because of this and the prayers of that anointed and Spirit-filled woman of God, Mrs. Salome Jones, my life has been guided by the Hand of God. I am a man of very modest means. I posess a Bachelors Degree in Church Ministry and am currently in pursuit of my Masters. With much of my learning coming through the many circumstances that God has allowed me to go through and have been a part of my life, my life has not been one of quiet and peace as I was not raised in the church. I grew up in poverty and saw a church on (maybe) Christmas, Mother's Day and Easter. I endured child sexual abuse at a very early age at the hands of a trusted family friend. I've been spiritually lost and have sought spiritual awakening through almost every avenue possible. I dropped out of high school at 16, was a proverbial 'child-of-the seventies' and tried a few of the drugs that were present during that time. I am not perfect and I know it. Yet I strive daily to become what Father wants me to be. [Isn't it wonderful to have a Forgiving Savior?] Yet through these trials, I know that the LORD has been with me, protecting and preserving me. And now He has chosen me to lead willing believers to Him. He has placed in my heart a burining desire to lead and teach souls about Father, the one we call God. The LORD continues to reveal Himself to me. I pray that you are also listening to His voice.