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Senior Pastor - Clay Bowlin
Senior Pastor Clay Bowlin
My Testimony At the age of 14, at a “Lay Witness Mission”, I heard a number of people share about how they had found a personal relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ. The next day, our youth leader, Earl Drown, instructed us on how to have a “quiet time”. In brief, he encouraged us to look up a scripture, read it, and talk to the Lord about it in prayer. Not knowing a great deal of scripture, I turned to our theme verse, John 14:6, where Jesus said, “I am the way, and the truth and the life; no one comes to the Father, but through Me”. Remembering what the other teens had shared, I realized I wanted salvation, and asked the Lord Jesus to be my Savior. It was March 30, 1974. Four years later, at a Kansas City Youth for Christ rally, I was challenged to consider full-time Christian work by the speaker. I went forward, and talked with them, only to run away from God to Northwest Missouri State University. Only I ran right into two fellow-students who were with The Navigators, and they turned me right back to God! While there, my family and I became charter members of Northwest Bible Church. I went to Calvary University, and I have been growing and learning ever since. I am part of Bible churches in great part because of the role being in the Word, and part of a church that teaches the Word, has had in my personal growth. My Training In 1982 I graduated with my BA in Pastoral Studies and Bible from Calvary University and I completed the M.A. in Biblical Studies there in 1984. I have extensive graduate coursework in the field of Counseling from Liberty University, and am currently enrolled in a Doctoral program in the field of Pastoral Ministry through Trinity Theological Seminary of Newburgh, Indiana. I am also enrolled in Clinical Pastoral Education Level 2 through Heart of America. My ordination in 1989 was at Pleasant Grove Bible Church. I served three terms on the Board of Trustees of Calvary University, including five years as chairman, and I am credentialed with the IFCA International.
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