Meet The Pastor

Pastor Dave (Doc) Dunlap
Hey...My name is Dave (Doc) Dunlap. I am the pastor of this community church in Edgely, PA. A quick "Cliff Notes" bio of the guy writing this begins here. I grew up in Levittown, PA. Graduated WWHS in 1973. Went to 4 years of Art School in Phila and graduated in 1977. Gave my life to the Lord Jesus Christ in 1971 at Neshaminy HS during an Evangelical "Crusade" meeting. As I worked in the Art community I realized God had saved me for a purpose...just wasn't exactly sure what that was.... So the Lord began to work in my heart and I became involved in Prison Ministry in 1982. I found that to be a work in progress for me in teaching the Biblical truths to men on the inside of county jail. This ministry for me lasted till about 2002. I was then led to become involved in a Motorcycle Ministry from 1994 till about 2014. This ministry gave me an even larger view of the world of "family" and how people in any group you might find (prison, M/C Club Culture, etc..) view matter where I've been or who I meet, everyone wants to "love and be loved"'s just the way love in each group is defined. During my years in the M/C Ministry God began to lay on my heart a desire to seek a pastoral role in life...He opened up that role so much faster than I ever thought and in 1999 I gave my 2 weeks notice at the job I had in a box factory as the lead artist/designer to become the full time pastor/teacher at Edgely Christian Church. Since then I have lead the folks at ECC with a heart's desire that we learn this above all things...."To Learn What It Means to Be Loved of God...And How To Love Him in Return". Our church is a "family" of Believers in Jesus Christ and also those who may be searching for truth for their life...My hope in prayer for anyone is that those who are truly searching might find the Lord's Love to be what they have been looking for and join in at ECC in worship and lovingkindness. My preaching is normally a verse by verse instruction in a book of the Bible at a time with some "topical" messages that come because of time of year or special need. If after reading this lil bio you have any questions please don't hesitate to call my cell and leave a message....Pastor Dave at 267-394-0527....Blessings!