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11122 Link Drive
11110 Link Drive
San Antonio, TX 78213
United States
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Sunday: 9 and 11 AM Wednesday: Supper Club at 6, Bible Study at 6:30, Choral Compline or Evensong at 7:15; Pastoral care afterwards. Fridays: Koinonia at 7PM Office open: M-F, 10-5
(210) 344-1920
Father CB "Chip" Harper

Our Mission

Mission: Follow Christ as Lord; worship God in His Church; work, pray, and give for the spread of His Kingdom. Vision: Being Our SAVIOR’s ambassadors: Scriptural, Authentic, Vigorous, Inspired, Orthodox, Reliable CHRISTIANS. See Core Values for more, or visit website at Join us on Facebook at:

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About All Saints Anglican Church of San Antonio

ANCIENT. BIBLICAL. SPIRIT-FILLED. Anglican churches are among the most ancient in the world, dating back to the first century…the Faith brought to ancient England by tin merchants, like Joseph of Arimethea, Roman soldiers and even St. Paul himself. We are Christians in the ancient way…strong liturgical roots…Christian Faith, in what has always and everywhere been taught…completely Spirit-filled, but completely orthodox. Committed to Holy Scripture. WELCOMING. PRACTICAL. ANCIENT. BIBLICAL. SPIRIT-FILLED. THAT’S ALL SAINTS! A “Three Streams” parish (meaning family), we blend the ancient and catholic with the Scriptural and Evangelical, as well as the powerful and Charismatic. We’re completely Anglican--from the old Latin term for “English” but unswervingly reliable, undeniably Christian and unquestionably welcoming. Our Gospel is clear, challenging and applicable. Our Scripture is relevant, Life-giving and direct. And our Holy Ghost is completely empowering, pervasive and personal. You can find all three in every worship service, from our classical Mass, Compline or Evensong to our free-wheeling, Spirit-led Koinonia praise and worship gathering. When you visit us, you’ll find a family of sinners saved by God’s Grace and mercy to us. Period. Honest folks finding the Way together. All of us are broken vessels following the Lord together, in community. Not perfect...just forgiven. We’re here for the Lord, and each other! Here’s our “bottom line:” You can count on All Saints. We won’t compromise. Not our Gospel. Not our Scripture. Not our tradition. Not our mission. The Church is supposed to change the World, not vice versa. That’s what we do. Together. Day by day, hour by hour, minute by minute. Not trying to re-invent the Church, but trying to do what God’s Holy Church has done for centuries: be a light to a darkened world. So, consider yourself invited. We’re looking forward to meeting you and sharing the good things the Lord has given us all!
Denomination / Affiliation: Other Christian
Average Age of Attendees: all-ages
Community Projects: Over-24


Church Ministries
Sunday School
Small Groups
Groups and Public Services
Christian Bookstore
Weddings and Receptions
Contemporary, Spirit-led worship Friday nights…classical Anglican mass Sunday mornings, Hard-core Bible studies Monday, Wednesday, Friday. Women's groups Friday, Saturday. Men's groups Monday and Saturday. Sunday School for all ages Sunday morning at 10:30. Pastoral care and prayer support 24/7.
-Regular worship, both classical-liturgical and contemporary-Charismatic -Orthodox and orthopraxy--"high church" -Uncompromising Biblical values and teaching -Complete embracing of Pentecost within Scriptural guidelines -Member of Worldwide Anglican Communion -Marriage training -Complete Sacramental ministry: Baptism, Confirmation, Marriage -Food pantry for those in need -Welcoming community -Spiritual direction -Healing, Deliverance -Personal confession, if needed


Core Values: Scriptural We won’t waver on Scriptural, Spirit-led principles of excellence in life, family, community, business practice, worship, and teaching. Authentic Because we won’t waver from Scripture and the Spirit’s leading, we’re committed to active, pragmatic, and serious lives in Faith, practicing Jesus’ sacrificial love and unity of Spirit everywhere, but especially in the parish, speaking the truth in love and honoring one another above ourselves. Vigorous Our authenticity means we are full of Christ’s Abundant life through His redeeming love, spreading that Good News—His Gospel—with gusto, by example, word, and action. Inspired We’re Scriptural, Authentic, and Vigorous because we’re filled by a personal and indwelling Holy Ghost, demonstrating absolute commitment to lives transformed by God’s power. Orthodox Our worship is riveted to reformed but classical Anglican catholic practice, inerrant Holy Scripture, a present and active Holy Ghost, and the principles of over 21 centuries of Christian tradition. Reliable Since Jesus is our Lord, we seek His Kingdom first and will never compromise on Scripture, authenticity, vigor, inspiration, orthodoxy, or the course our Lord sets for us by His Word and Holy Ghost.
Baptism: Both
Healing and Charismatic Gifts: Regularly Practice
We agree with these Doctrinal Statements: Apostles Creed Nicene Creed


All Saints Anglican Church of San Antonio is a Christian Church located in Zip Code 78213.

Church Profile Manager: Father Chip