Who started ChurchFinder.com and what do they believe?

ChurchFinder.com was initially launched in 2013 and - thanks to God's grace and the hard work of our team in Dallas, Texas and around the world - has grown into the most visited website for people looking for a new church. The Founder and CEO is Lee Raney, a serial entrepreneur who has led successful digital start-ups, including one of the leading Christian social networks in the U.S.

At ChurchFinder.com, we believe that having a local church family is part of God's plan for every Christian, and the decision of which church to join is one of the most important decisions in a person's life. ChurchFinder.com is designed to guide people on their journey of finding a new church, providing tools and resources as they seek a new church to call home. We're changing the way people find a church!

Using our expertise in on-line marketing, we help pastors and church leaders with church growth and church marketing - partnering together to reach people in cities across the U.S. Bottom line - we want to help churches reach more people, because we believe that lives are changed, families are healed, and people can find their purpose in life through finding a local Christian church family.