Churches in Stamford TX

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Churches in Jones County TX and zip code 79553 are included here. Church Finder includes Baptist churches, Methodist churches, Catholic churches, Pentecostal and Assembly of God churches, Lutheran churches, and other Protestant and Catholic Christian churches. There's a church for you!

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Christian Churches in Stamford Texas

Baptist Churches in Stamford

214 N Swenson St, Stamford, TX, 79553
8448 State Highway 6 S, Stamford, TX, 79553
309 E Campbell St, Stamford, TX, 79553
1027 E Vanderbilt St, Stamford, TX, 79553

Methodist Churches in Stamford

201 S Ferguson St, Stamford, TX, 79553

Presbyterian Churches in Stamford

601 Rowland Dr, Stamford, TX, 79553

Catholic Churches in Stamford

104 New Braunfels St, Stamford, TX, 79553

Spirit-Filled Churches in Stamford

114 E. Campbell, 110 E. Campbell, Stamford, TX, 79553
407 W Handlan St, Stamford, TX, 79553

Pentecostal Churches in Stamford

1214 Compton St, Stamford, TX, 79553

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