Getting Started with ChurchFinder

Welcome to Church Finder! Your church is part of an amazing platform connecting millions of people with thousands of Christian churches. This Getting Started Guide is for pastors and Church Profile Managers to help you be successful reaching more people in your city.

  Getting Started Guide for Churches

Church Finder® is the leading on-line resource for people looking for a church. ranks on the 1st page of Google for the majority of U.S. cities, and includes over 280,000 churches.

Because of our consistent traffic, just by upgrading your church to a Featured Church Growth Plan will get you more traffic and visitors to your weekend services. But if you want to be one of the churches getting the best results, follow the steps in this Getting Started Guide...

KEY TO SUCCESS: Understanding the 2 primary ways Church Finder helps people find a church...
Church Finder is designed to help the church seeker on their journey of finding a church. Two of the ways the site simplifies the process of finding a church for seekers are:


Church Profiles

Showcasing the exact information about each church that seekers are looking for, Church Profiles are cleanly organized and presented in a simple easy-to-find format.

Church Reviews

People make decisions today based on on-line reviews - what restaurant to go to, what hotel to book for a trip, what app to download...and which church to visit.

How Church Finder helps Grow your Church
These are also the 2 primary ways Church Finder can help you grow your church...


Your Church Profile

Showcase your church for seekers, including your the info they are looking for about your mission, ministries, and groups. Upgrade to add a "Virtual Photo Tour" and be featured at the top of city search results.

Church Reviews

Your church members can write a review of your church and share on social media - a 21st century way to invite their neighbors to church!

This Guide will walk you through completing your Church Profile to make a great first impression, and provide suggestions to engage your congregation in outreach through Church Reviews.