Your Church Profile

Why Church Profiles?

Your Church Profile is your "first impression" of your church to seekers (people looking for a church) in your city. The Church Profiles are designed to easily and professionally present the information people want to know about your church, and help them get a feel for what your church is like. Since many seekers are apprehensive about visiting a church, features like the "Meet the Pastor" page and "Virtual Photo Tour" help break down the barriers so seekers feel more comfortable visiting for the first time.

  Completing Your Church Profile

Church Profile Manager Checklist

Church Profile Checklist

The following checklist highlights the key portions of your Church Profile. You can add or edit these from the Manage Church Profile section of your Dashboard.





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Several of the Features above including the Photo Gallery and videos are only available for ChurchFinder Pro churches. If you currently do not have ChurchFinder Pro, upgrade and get...