Meet The Pastor

The Reverend Son of the Right Hand Torch
Unintentionally, Reverend Son of the Right Hand Torch's parents gave him an auspicious name steeped deep in symbolism. Ordained by the universal spirit, Reverend Son chose to use the translation of his birth names into their language of origin. All this occurring after waking up from the illusion that Earthlings are alone in the universe. Seeing through the looking glass after a traumatic brain injury, Benjamin Brandao experienced the proof which lead him to developed the courage to invite others to join him in his long-held personal philosophy on spirituality and existence. Based on personal experiences in Christ Consciousness, this brand of Christianity is open to all faiths, races, and creeds. He is committed to resisting the fall of humanity with a solid belief all beings have unique lessons to learn before returning from where we came. Son is trying to help the world recover from a history of religious and social oppression by the traditional religious sects. He takes a stand saying "Religious dogma and delusions of subsequent superiority are responsible for the majority of genocides, wars, and most egregious crimes against humanity. Christ's name has been used too many times by religious and political leaders to justify evil actions. Society has suffered and is far behind in its development because of it." Reverend Torch is baptized, had communion, and confirmed his membership in the Catholic Church. As an adult he could not understand how so many people believe the Bible tells the whole truth. Son has been tormented between his responsibility to the external world and his desire to ascend by turning inward to find where Christ's footsteps lead. Unsatisfied with the narrow truths taught in the Holy Bible, Son embarked on one adventure after another to discover the true meaning of God. With the belief he was only taught a grain of the truth in his oppressed Christian upbringing he set out to study every major religious philosophy and a few not so well known. He came to the realization that it is naive to think as humans we even have the capacity to comprehend a sliver of God's entirety. He now believes that anyone who proclaims to know the righteous truth should be avoided at all costs. Just because someone disagrees with you, doesn't mean they are wrong and speaking untruths. Son's favorite allegory to tell is that of the three blind men and the elephant. There is only one truth, but humanity is ill-equip to comprehend the magnitude of the entirety of the truth.