Meet The Pastor

Co-Pastor Prophetess Dr. Cheryl White-Briggs
Prophetess Dr. Cheryl White-Briggs is quadrupedy equipped. With two earned Doctorates; one in Theology and a second in Educational Leadership with a concentration in Higher Edu Admin, a licensed and ordained True Kingdom Prophet/Pastor of God, she is the kingdom of darkness biggest apostolic threat and the devil’s worst nightmare. Nevertheless, Dr. Briggs is one of God’s greatest and distinguished allies in the earth for such a time as this. A highly gifted, sought after divinely anointed & appointed, very knowledgeable preacher & teacher. She operates under an apostolic mantle that destroys demonic yokes, removes barriers, set the captives free and causes the very pits of hell to tremble, retreat and flee as atmospheric changer. ‘Eternity invades Time’ and ‘Heaven overrides Earth's agendas and thwarts hell's assignments’. I.R.E.I.G.G.N., couldn’t be birthed by none other than, yours truly.