Have you recently changed your Church Membership Plans?

Yes.  In the Fall of 2016 we launched a brand new site. Since 2013 Church Finder®has continued growing with an average growth rate of over 50% per year. Church Finder is now the new way people find a new church home, connecting millions of people with thousands of Christian churches throughout the United States.

On November 1, 2016 we increased the price of the ChurchFinder Pro and Premium church plans to accommodate our growth and continue making the site completely free for millions of people looking for a church. The prices for the Pro and Premium church plans increased slightly for new churches, but the upgrade was free to existing users.  Our "price lock-in" policy ensures that your church can "lock-in" any discounts or special offers, e.g., you "lock-in" your price when you sign-up for as long as you have your Church Membership and your account remains in good standing.

Featured churches receive many benefits and on average receive 10x more traffic and visitors. See the current pricing of the ChurchFinder Pro plan HERE.

We are also no longer offering free Church Profiles. Starting on Dec. 1st, 2016, all churches that have not upgraded to at least the Featured Plan will be "Ad Supported". In place of having a Featured Photo and Virtual Church Tour on their Church Profile, ad-supported Church Profiles will have advertisements displayed to cover the cost for their Church Profile. To avoid having ads on your Church Profile, and to get more visitors to your church, get ChurchFinder Pro for your church.


Attract more visitors to Your Church


Remove ads from your Church Profile and get features like the Photo Gallery and videos with a ChurchFinder Pro plan for your church. Some of the benefits for your church...