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Meeting Location
Join us this weekend!
8242 Pecos St
Denver, CO 80221
United States
Service Times
Sunday 10:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m.
(303) 430-8100
Founder and Pastor R. Loren Sandford

Our Mission

To be part of the most powerful movement of God's Spirit in revival since the day of Pentecost.



About New Song Church and Ministries

From Pastors Loren and Beth Sandford. We pastor a Spirit-filled, charismatic, intergenerational and interracial church, passionate about the heart of the Father through Jesus and dedicated to manifesting the kingdom of God in all our relationships and ministries. We love the presence of God and we pursue it through extended worship in a refreshing and unique contemporary style, a culture of honor and the revelation of the Father's desperate love for us. We preach a strong and uncompromising Bible-based word with all the grace and love our hearts can hold. In all of this we seek to prophetically impact our city, our nation and our world to change lives and affect culture. We'd love a chance to bless YOU!
Denomination / Affiliation: Non-Denominational
Service and Sermon Style: Spirit-led Preaching
Dress Style: casual
Average Age of Attendees: all-ages
Community Projects: Over-24
Primary Language: English


Church Ministries
Sunday School
Small Groups
Recovery Group
Groups and Public Services
Counseling Services
Christian Bookstore
Weddings and Receptions
Food Pantry
Counseling. Food bank. Clothing bank. Native American Missions. Mission to Ukraine. Feeding the homeless. Healing. Soaking prayer. Prophetic ministry. Prayer.


WE BELIEVE in God the Father, from whom all things come, in Jesus Christ, His only begotten Son, our Lord, and in the Holy Spirit, one God in three Persons, indivisible. By the Father we are perfectly loved. By the Son, born of virgin, fully God and fully man, are we brought to salvation. By the Holy Spirit are we divinely indwelt. God omniscient, almight, and infinite, yet personal. His very nature is the essence of love. His Abba (Daddy). He is sovereign and active today in fullness of power. WE BELIEVE that man as created in God's image is a fellowship of two, male and female, equal under authority. We are wonderfully and fearfully made, designed for fellowship with the Creator as creatures both fully physical and fully spiritual. By the willful rebellion of our race, each of us is shattered in every good capacity. All of us have sinned. Each of us needs the Savior desperately, and by choosing Him, each one is redeemed. WE BELIEVE the Bible to be the inspired and authoritative Word of God, which alone is binding on all the church for all of time. It is eternal, living and active, spiritual food for the spiritual man. It is the absolute description of the spiritual law of the universe, the way reality acdtually works. As such it is infallible and sufficient for matters of life, faith and practice. WE BELIEVE salvation to be by the name of Jesus alone. The inevitable consequence of the sin of which all of us partake is death and broken relationship with God both here and in the hereafter. By His substitutionary sacrifice on the cross of Calvary, the God-man Jesus Christ, who was the propitiation for our sin took our death on Himself. He died, was buried, descended into hell (I Peter 3:18-19), and was resurrected in the body on the third day, according to the Scriptures. He ascended into heaven and now sits at the right hand of God the Father. By His death we are forgiven. By His resurrection we are given new life that we might again have fellowship with Him. This salvation begins in the present for the healing of both body and spirit and will be completed in the resurrection at the last day when He returns to judge the living and the dead and to receive His people to Himself. THE CHURCH is Christ's body, His bride, composed of all those who acknowledge Him as Lord and Savior and who have committed to serve Him in love. It is called by Him to proclaim the gospel, to make disciples, to serve and obey Him in all His Word. It is a holy nation, a people for God's own possession, an organism endowed with power to do His work by virtue of the coming of the Spirit on the whole church on the day of Pentecost. WE RECOGNIZE two sacraments - baptism and the Lord's Supper - while affirmed the sacred character of every other act of the body of Christ. WE AFFIRM the ancient creeds of Christian faith.
Baptism: Older Children/adults
Healing and Charismatic Gifts: Regularly Practice
We agree with these Doctrinal Statements: Apostles Creed Nicene Creed


New Song Church and Ministries is a Spirit-Filled Church located in Zip Code 80221.

Church Profile Manager: Loren Sandford